Thursday, January 10, 2008


Phenology is the study of the times of recurring natural phenomena. The word is derived from the Greek Phainomai (φαινομαι)- to appear, come into view, and indicates that phenology has been principally concerned with the dates of first occurrence of natural events in their annual cycle. Examples include the date of emergence of leaves and flowers, the first flight of butterflies and the first appearance of migratory birds, the date of leaf colouring and fall in deciduous trees, the dates of egg-laying of birds and amphibia, or the timing of the developmental cycles of temperate-zone honey bee colonies. In the scientific literature on ecology, the term is used more generally to indicate the time frame for any seasonal phenomena, including the dates of last appearance (e.g., the seasonal phenology of a species may be from April through September). **source Wikipedia**

Well, it seems to me this window display at "Understuff" is another example of Phrenology, I definitely remember this occurring around this time last year!
You ever been in Understuff? I ventured in a while ago to see if it was possible to buy organic cotton bras made in the USA. I was trying to find a manufacturer for Vanessa who blogs Green as a Thistle. I really felt like an old pervert amongst all the finery but the owner lady was most helpful, ignored my red face and brought out a couple of catalogues about, er, understuff. We both soon discovered that it is not possible to buy organic cotton bras made in America.

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