Thursday, January 17, 2008


Along with various sidewalks being installed around town there are also a lot of corner curbs being remove and replaced with handicap accessible curbs and warnings. This work is being done at the corner of, as you can see, Fir and Perkins.
This is just across Perkins on the northwest corner of Fir. There are quite a few other places around town where this work is ongoing or being marked up for replacement soon.
This morning was the first time I noticed our local police has web-presence.


  1. Just curious. What's going on around the corner from the photo at Perkins and Fir? From this view, they've spent a lot of money making an accessible ramp for people who only want to travel twenty or so feet before running into an embankment.

  2. More importantly, did you notice the, er, glaring error in your photograph of the police car?

  3. Well, Don. Could there be a sidewalk extension in the future?

    And meloukhoia... I give up. What?

  4. At least they redirect those who type in the addresss exactly as shown. I wonder how the PD discovered it.