Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Beats Me

A reader recently posted a comment to my blog:

"Hi there... if anyone would know this, it's you: what are the city limits of FB to the south? I've been on the city web site and seen the zoning map. I still am not sure where the official city ends.
As you walk around have you ever seen a "city limits" sign for Fort Bragg? If not, why not? It would be kind of interesting, I think."

I stopped by City Hall this morning and asked the city planner. He referred me to the map on the city webpage which is probably the same one you mentioned. He said, "If it is in color, it is in the city". Here is the link for a more detailed image. (It is a 2.24 MB PDF file.)

I have walked as far south as Mendocino, as far north (on HWY One) as Happy Lane and as far east as Monson Way. I don't recall any city limit signs but I will pay closer attention now that you ask.


  1. The city limits sign is right at the base of Highway 20, next to the light.

  2. Since you've walked as far south as Mendocino... (our town limits may be marked but some of us in unincorporated areas think of ourselves as Fort Braggers) I think you should mosey on down past the Hare Creek bridge, turn right on Ocean Dr and take a picture of the great "flower bed" opposite the sports club. This may be a walk better taken when the flowers are in bloom!