Thursday, January 24, 2008

Looking for the Limit

I received a comment from one of my readers telling me there is a Fort Bragg city limit sign at the intersection of HWY 1 and HWY 20. This morning I decided to walk down there and find it. Along the way I decided to see if I could get a photo of the streetlights along both side of the Noyo Bridge. It was 6:30 AM but folks were starting to head for work and there were only short opportunities to run out into the middle lane, focus and shoot without getting run over. Hence the rather jumpy photo!

At the intersection I checked all the signage....

but didn't fine any city limit sign.


  1. Hi Ron, I'm flattered that my question about the limits of FB became a full fledged blog episode and walk... So what is wrong with the City to the north of Caspar? Are they not proud? Why no "we begin and end here" signs? By the A frame coffee place there is one of those all-purpose fraternal organization advertising We are Here and We Meet! signs... but FB seems to meander along the coast, filling it with habitations and fast food emporia. And without explicit limits, this could go on forever, until even Caspar becomes one long road-side shopping mall. Ooops, ranting again.

  2. It is there! I swear it was there the last time I was on that end of town, although I should correct myself, I think it stands right before the intersection, just after the bridge. I am rarely down that way, but the next time I am, I will look for photographic proof.

  3. Yes, it's just north of Hare Creek bridge on the east side of the highway.