Saturday, November 17, 2007

Views from The Trestle

Early this morning I walked to the newly opened Pudding Creek Trestle. Using my GPSr I discovered it is exactly 1.25 miles from my house to the center of the trestle if I follow the sidewalks. It is 1.1 miles if I cut corners!! This photo is looking down and east from the middle of the trestle!

Here is the view looking west from the center of the trestle out the mouth of Pudding Creek. This was the first time I have been able to take photos from this location. I am sure millions of photos will be taken from the center of this trestle in the years to come by both birders and scenery buffs alike. It is really quite spectacular!

Looking south..., obviously other early morning bikers, hikers and dogs had crossed over before me; their tracks in the morning dew.

While on the trestle I met a woman walking her dog who told me when she was a young girl her father worked at the mill. She remembers when it was possible to drive across the trestle in a car but it was really quite scary because there were no guard rails and only a few planks for the tires to ride on. "I could lean out the window and see Pudding Creek straight down between the ties"!

On Sunday they would sometimes go for a drive out the haul road. She remembers her dad driving across the trestle while pointing out things in the distance, her mom hollering, "Watch where you're going"!!


  1. Great photos. I especially like it when you add the recollections of people who remember anecdotes from the past about things you are showing us today.

  2. When birders see a bird somewhere where that bird isn't normally found, I think they call it an 'accidental'. Ft Bragg must be the 'accidental' shopping cart capital of the world - I'm waiting with bated breath for the first lonely-shopping-cart-on-deserted-trestle shot.

    Stunning photography, Ron - excellent work.