Friday, November 2, 2007

Ongoing S'pearmint

I have been noting the time the sun clears the coastal hills by photographing "First Light" on the old Mill building from the same location on Maple Street. This morning's photo was taken at 7:53. Tomorrow it will most likely be 8:00 AM but Sunday it will be 7:08 AM.

June 11th the sun cleared the coastal hills by 6:05 AM!

I am really looking forward to Standard Pacific Time returning with more light for my morning walk!!

Prep work continues in the alley between Main Street and Franklin. This little "Bobcat" has an asphalt grinding attachment on the front and is removing material by the Golden West, a bar/saloon that survived the 1906 earthquake.

Yesterday afternoon I notice one of the city workers applying blue paint indicating handicap parking.

Looks good.

My brother commented on the Orange Trees planted along the new Franklin Street re-do! I had to inform him these "trees" are only temporary. But I got to thinking how Fort Bragg's east and west streets are named after trees and I got to thinking wouldn't be appropriate to plant a "variety" of trees like the variety of streets and maybe each tree could be sponsored by someone, business or group like is done with the "Adopt a Highway" program. It could be a cool "green" thing to do.


  1. Nice photos. Some of us night owls lament the loss of Daylight Saving Time, as we are giving that hour of daylight back to you morning people!

  2. Ill take the morining light as well, interesting ide about taking the first light. Hope to see more.