Monday, November 12, 2007

Peeking Through the Fence

Fort Bragg is the strangest "Seaside" town. As you can see in this map our whole waterfront is off limits behind a fence that is over two miles long.

" No trespassing" "Private property"

The lumber mill closed in the 1990's. Currently there is toxic clean-up in progress. I'm told it is going to take two or three more years before that process is over. Meanwhile, "No Trespassing".

So I walked the edge and take photos through the fence.

Most of what I see I know nothing about but in this photo are some of the kiln drying sheds. Correct me if I'm wrong.

This is one of the guard shacks where the workers entered the property. Redwood lumber was king for over one hundred years but on these 400 acre's, it is all over now.


  1. The fenced-in beach is very curious. Why hasn't the Coastal Commission come up with the bucks to improve public access? Isn't that part of their mandate?

  2. You might take a look at this:

  3. Thanks for the lookup. I see the validity of everything in the document except the CEQA exemption due to acquisition of a property in its natural state. If, a)it's been used for an industrial purpose for 100 years and, b)it requires environmental remediation, that would hardly qualify it as "natural state."

    I'll go back to sleep now.