Monday, November 5, 2007

Noticing Stuff

I'm out the door 6:00 AM STANDARD time "Whoo Hoo!" and the first thing I notice is a planet right next to our waning moon! I have been sort of watching for our latest comet, Holmes, but this is probably Saturn.

Last evening my wife and I were returning home, turned the corner at Main and Laurel and I noticed this tree! By golly, this is what they are talking about putting in on Franklin street. This morning, I made sure to walk by and take a photo showing the complete example. Not only the tree but also the "tree guard" and seating bench.

And then I noticed that there was not only the tree on the northeast corner of Main and Laurel but there was another type of tree, Maple?, across the street on the southeast corner of Main and Laurel!

And then, feeling like a complete fool, I noticed the tree across the Highway on the southwest corner of Main and Laurel!

And here is another on the northwest corner of Main and Laurel!! I don't know why Mr. Walking and Blogging and Photographing guy didn't ever notice these trees. Maybe too much forest!
At Pudding Creek I noticed this pair of feeding Egrets.

Here is what has become known as the "Too Narrow Trail" crossing the recently refurbished Pudding Creek Trestle. For some reason the walking/biking trail ended up just under eight feet wide on a trestle that is sixteen feet wide!

Another unfortunate thing. This Pudding Creek Beach area is very popular for local and tourist alike but there is not a single garbage container, recycle container, dog poop station or out house anywhere to be found.

No wonder people leave trash and who knows what else on the beach.

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  1. Congratulations on your 204th blog post!

    I always think it's funny when I notice something for the first time and my kids lok at me and roll their eyes and say "You mean you never saw that before? Mom! It's been there, like, forever!"