Thursday, May 31, 2007

Ring Update, a New Pole and a Brochure

May 30th turned out to be the day the Hitching Ring across from City Hall was removed. I missed the event by just minutes. You can see a bit of the day-glow marking paint on a piece of the torn up curb. As promised the construction crew saved the ring.

Here it is! This ring is a little larger than the one in front of Racine’s.

This is the wood form that will be used when setting this ring back into the curb. It will help ensure the ring will be “below grade” and no longer a tripping hazard.

My neighbor mentioned he thought he saw a “square pole” at the former Glass Beach Dump. I hot-footed over there this morning and, by golly, he might be right! This one and another pole, snapped off just above the base, were obviously dumped here years ago.

This photo shows where the identification numbers were nailed on the side of the pole. The concrete this pole was set in is still around its base. Because of the way the pole angles out of the concrete I think it used to be located on ground that sloped. If anyone knows more about this I would appreciate it.

And finally...,

Because of my "Walking Fort Bragg" blog the "Fort Bragg Promotion Committee" became interested in what I have been noticing around Fort Bragg and asked me to put together a self guided "walking tour" brochure.

Here is the end result; a single page, two sided brochure. You will need Adobe Reader to view and print. Then fold it twice and bring it with you when you visit!!

Fort Bragg Oddities


  1. Very neat Ron, the ring and pole. And the brochure - simply terrific.

  2. One small note. Your brochure has typo, or rather an missing word. Methinks there should be the word "have" in the first sentence about the Golden West.

    Great job. Thank you.

  3. As my comment has a typo or missing word. There should be an a, before the word typo.

  4. Good Job, and many thanks!
    Fort Bragg Promotion Committee