Thursday, May 17, 2007

Amazing Discovery

With the help of a few friends I discovered another interesting monument in the Rose Memorial Cemetery.

Excerpt from: "New light on Donner Party"

"Britton Bailey Greenwood"

"Son of famed mountain man Caleb Greenwood and his wife Batchicka, a Crow Indian woman. "Brit" Greenwood gave conflicting information about his age to census takers and voting registrars over the years, but evidently he was born between 1827 and 1830 somewhere in the Missouri River watershed.

"Like other rescuers of the Donner Party, Brit survived the terrible blizzard that halted the "Second Relief Party"
at Starved Camp. His feet were permanently injured by frostbite.

"Afterwards Brit settled on the California coast in Mendocino County with other members of his family.

Most interesting having two people involved with the Donner Party, victim and rescuer, only about one hundred feet apart from each other.


  1. Very interesting ..... as a retired Geographer and amateur History buff, the Donner Party experience is one of my focus areas. Virtually all the survivors stayed in California ..... probably too traumatized after that affair to attempt further 'adventures'. Thanks for the pics.

    Bob in Portland