Monday, May 7, 2007

Finally, a Few More Fences

This was the first morning I didn't need to wear a jacket! 50 degrees and clear. The sun peeked over the coastal hills at 6:25 AM! Very nice!

I think this will wind up my Fort Bragg Fence Observations for a while.
This week the sidewalk with the tie-down (with the missing hitching ring) is being removed. I'm going to keep an eye out. The plan is to save the part from the concrete and have a local metal artist install a new ring into it before the new sidewalk gets poured. All of this may happen this week. Stay tuned!


  1. Ron, the photo of the stone fence--you may have been leaning against my car if taken this AM. I'm visiting and would like to join you one morning.

  2. How about 6:05 AM at Wiggley Giggley Park. NW corner of Laurel and Whipple. I'm the guy trying to do chin-ups!

  3. Neat. I'm hoping to be at W-G Park on Thursday. I'll have 2 short friends with me, Doug and Chet.

  4. Hey Ron,

    Are you going to include the new fence at N Franklin and Fir? We saw your 'before' - how about an 'after'?