Tuesday, May 1, 2007

More Fences, but first...

I’m the kind of guy who needs stokes. An atta-boy, some comments. A “Well done” works. Something. Anything!
I put together blogs and post them and nothing happens. Dead silence. Makes me think nobody is out there. But “Ha!” I’ve got a secret!

Google Analytics. Not only do I know you are lurking and reading, I even know where you live! (see the little orange dots!) So, hey! Keep on reading and watching and don’t say boo. No big deal, I know you’re out there! And I appreciate it!

Okay, back to the fences.

I happened to meet Ed during my walk this morning and he mentioned the little statue was wearing a hat! We went back to see so I could take this photo. There is rain on the way and maybe the hat is preparation. Somebody also stuck a Calla Lily flower in his hat string. Maybe this is Fort Bragg’s version of "Waiting for the Interuban".

Abalone shells are popular around Fort Bragg for decoration. The old anchor is a nice touch.

Ah! Spring!


  1. You need some strokes? I just didn't want to be too gushy... But I won't hold back now. You should get an award.

  2. Yers, stat counters keep us al blogging through those lean comments times.

  3. lean comment times are a drag, I feel bad, but SOMEBODY had to say something!