Saturday, December 23, 2006

Walking Fremont

The community of Fremont interested me because my first eight years on earth were spent in Fremont. Fremont, Nebraska that is, which was named after John C. Fremont. According to Wikipedia Fremont Seattle was named after Fremont, Nebraska which was the hometown of two of its founders, L. H. Griffith and E. Blewett!

So today I did a five mile walk south through Fremont, across the Fremont Bridge, west along the ship canal to the end of the walking path and returned. Along the way I discovered the Center of the Universe is located in Fremont and marked by this rocket.

I also met a water-meter reader using a Segway to travel her route! Quite an amazing machine which just stood there and gently rocked back and forth while she read a meter. Then she stepped on and floated along to the next meter box. This was the first time I have seen one in action.

I also saw the Fremont Troll residing under the Aurora Bridge.
And, Happy Holidays to you too!

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  1. Love that rocket. An unexpected walkies bonus.

    Have a good Chrissy?