Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blog Wandering

Jan of Walking Berkeley introduced me to One Mile From Home in which "Julie from the UK" came up with the idea; “Walk a minimum of one mile from home. Record where you’ve been with a drawing, sculpture, photo or painting and then walk back.

I must have spent two hours scrolling through Julie’s blog enjoy her drawings, paintings and writings about her country environment. Excellent!

"Neath" of Walking Turcot Yards has a link on his blog that led me to Out of Rails, a photo blog about trains in Portugal which had a link to Express Train. "Express Train" is a photo blog by Travis Ruse who writes:

“I live in Park Slope, Brooklyn. I work in midtown Manhattan. 42nd & Lexington Ave., to be exact, right across from Grand Central Station. As the crow flies, that’s just 6 miles. But on the tracks it can be three trains, 11 stops and 45 minutes each way. My blog is what I see every day commuting to and from work.


All the above helping me have the courage to show what I saw during my four mile walk around Fort Bragg this morning.

If it caught my eye…, I shot it!

This decal is on the back window of a car parked on Harrison Street. I have walked past it many times but this time I decided to see if my new camera's flash worked. It did!!

Graffiti inside the men's at Safeway. Nothing near as creative as what Gary sees in Brooklyn.

I spotted this in a front yard on Franklin Street. Don't tell the children!

A sign on a vacant building. Food for thought.

This "rounds" out my morning walk! A display in "If the Shoe Fits" on Franklin.


  1. I just saw a deflated Christmas decoration today, too. I wonder how long the inflatable decoration trend will last. The sound of those things disturbs me a bit when I walk by them.

  2. I think your blog is great. I located it while Googling Fort Bragg. I come to your beautiful community every July 4th for the Salmon BBQ and have been there many times in between. I am a frustrated inlander who wants to be a coastal dweller. I love looking at what you see through your eyes. Keep up the walking so I can live there for brief moments everyday. :)>>>>Cheryl