Friday, December 15, 2006

Gusty Morning

Strange clouds and wind gusts to 28 mph as the sky brightens over "Wiggly-Giggly Park", a children’s playground located on the southwest corner of Laurel and Whipple.
I was really tempted to stay in bed and just listen to the wind rattle the doors and windows but decided to get up and go see the action. I headed west on Laurel to the sound of squeaking signs then turned south on Main to avoid walking against the north wind. Very invigorating!

A few doors down Main from Laurel I noticed the “Triangle Tattoo” entry was lit so took a photo through the locked door. Triangle Tattoo is located up these stairs but I have yet visit them!

Another few doors south, “Out on a Limb”, had this Christmas/Zen greeting in their window. Nice.

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