Sunday, December 3, 2006

Sunday Sunday

This in the First Baptist Church on the northwest corner of Franklin and Pine.

Unfortunately the bell is no longer in the tower and has been replaced by an electric "clarion" which broadcasts, "Stand up Stand up for Jesus" and other old standards for saints and sinners to enjoy..., or not. Myself, I would rather listen to the bell.

Still, it is quite a remarkable, historic, piece.


  1. Good photos. I love a plaque with a typo.

  2. Good eye, Spike. I totally missed that!

  3. Ron, a few quick notes:

    First, thanks for the kind notes and encouragement you've left over at Runs Brooklyn.

    Speaking of my blog, I (finally) added a link for "Walking Fort Bragg" under the "exceptional pedestrians" heading.

    Third, I really enjoy your blog -- keep it up!

  4. Forget the typos - look at that sky!