Friday, December 1, 2006

New Discoveries

You will notice in the lower left hand corner a remnant from the old days, a concrete block that helped people step down from a buggy or stage coach. The building is currently the Weller House Bed and Breakfast (circa 1886).

Clock on Main Street just north of the Company Store

In Memory of Ethel Wikstrom Lynn 1885~1993

I was talking with my friend Eddie about Fort Bragg Streets and Avenues. Ed said all the tree named streets were called Avenues on the big 1914 map in the Company Store. Towards the end of my morning walk I swung by the Company Store to check it out.

Guess what! The map is gone! It looks like the wall the map was hanging on has been repainted so hopefully it will be back soon but meanwhile, when I got home I pressed my nose closer to the map I have and discovered another Avenue, Ness Avenue. In the process I started noticing other descriptors for streets, fore instance,

Laurel Street
Redwood Avenue
Sanderson Way
Acorn Drive
Taubold Court
Sequoia Circle
Holmes Lane
Georgia Pacific Haul Road

And then I notice one street with no descriptor…

Casa del Noyo. That’s it. Casa del Noyo.

Another oddity to check out!!

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  1. Bugger. Can't find one sans descriptor on my maps.

    God, we're such geeks :)