Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Full Moon Morning

Seagulls on top of Longs Drugs.

This morning I photographed what usually occurs between 6 and 7 on weekday mornings.

The Bus Barn at the northeast corner of Laurel St. and Alger St.

Engines being warmed up, lights and brakes being checked, drivers standing in a small group talking, waiting for their scheduled departure time to start gathering children.

A Waste Management Inc. garbage/recycle truck making stops on Harold St.

An open gas station on Main St.

The Good News Guys radio station for KSAY 98.5 FM in the alley way just east of Franklin St.

A street sweeper heading south on Main St.


  1. Wow, so great that you can get a glimpse inside the radio station!

  2. The gas station looks magical. Wish we could get our gas with a wave of the wand.

  3. Love the street sweeper!

    Thanks for the link! Us "Walkers" got to stick together!


  4. Thanks Neath. You have an awesome blog. Excellent photos. An interesting area to explore.