Saturday, August 7, 2010

"Lettuce Spray"

There comes a time when the only way forward is......
do the fuselage.  A much anticipated and worrisome part of the project.

Friday, two coats of white, let dry for an hour and mask off what is to remain white and define the silver stripe..

Saturday, shoot the red and masked it.  Then uncover and shoot the silver stripe.

Off with all the masking tape except for the canopy and then shoot two full coats of clear gloss.

Looking good!

Everyone is happy to finally have this crucial part finished.  Tomorrow we will attach the cowl and rudder and extend the red/white/silver detail onto them and finish them.
We have decided to repaint the rear half of the first wing we painted.
That will pretty much finish this project.  I should be heading back to Fort Bragg this Wednesday.
Jeff has about four months of finish work before he moves it to a hanger where it will finally be completely assembled.

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