Monday, August 16, 2010


August 16th, 2010 or December 2nd, 2009 (when this photo was taken) looks about the same at 6:00 in the morning.  Not a whole lot of difference.  What a coolish summer we are having.  The Marine Layer hanging around or covering us every day.  It was a coolish summer in Washington too while I was there.  The whole west coast is having unseasonaly cool weather while the mid states and east coast bake.  I'll take the drizzle.

I finally resumed my morning routine of walking and swimming this morning.  After forty eight days of being away and not walking or swimming..., it felt great, although I took it easy on my re-entry, short walk and only fifteen laps.


  1. No sooner did you leave than our temps jumped to the mid-90's.
    Great to hear you're back to your physical regime. I look forward to when I can resume being afoot.