Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm walking in sunshine!!

Sunday the sunshine finally won over the coastal Marine Layer.  You can see it off in the distance.  I tell you, it was about time.  The middle of August and in the mid 50's.  I know a lot of folks in the mid west would be happy with 55 degrees about now but.....

Here's that house again only this time with the early morning sunrise shining upon it.

Like a joke, if I have to explain it...., but.  I spotted this homework assignment, love letter, note to someone, whatever, laying in the road on the crossing stripe by the high school.  It was dew soaked, therefore translucent and lit by a sodium vapor street light.  Kind of an interesting photo.

Road kill.  Looks like I photo-shopped the head but I didn't.  Ugly bastard!

And to end on a higher note.  Yellow hot pokers??


  1. Nice! It was really nice to wake up to sunshine this morning, finally! Of course the price we'll pay is that we probably can't sleep with the windows open tonight.

  2. Love the yellow hot pokers and the translucent homework assignment.

    Yeah for sunshine!!!