Thursday, August 5, 2010

Pressing on.

I still can't get over how perfect that second wing turned out!!!

Jeff made little caster wheeled dollies to set the main gear on.  Makes it easier to move the fuselage around in the shop.  Here we rolled it out a ways to shoot some primer on it.  The photo gives you and idea of the size of the plane.  This occasion was also the first time the plane has seen the light of day in three and a half years!

For the first time we finally got to shoot some red on the parts that end up being all red, like these landing gear strut fairings.  Nice!

Even the grand kids are starting to smile!!

And now, the wing tips!  That notch you see is where the navigational light and strobe light go.  They will be covered with a clear Plexiglas fairing when done.
This is also our first attempt at our plan for a red and silver stripe.

The white has been shot and masked.  The red has been shot and masked.  Now for the silver.

After the silver was dry to touch all masking was removed and two coats of clear gloss shot over everything.
The wheel pants are next.

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  1. Oh geeze. The last time I saw pix of your grand kids they were little squirts. They've grown up!!