Thursday, October 29, 2009

Travelogue: Part nine, the "Drama" continues!

The "storm" passed so I went for a walk around the lake. A single coyote started singing.

I stopped and looked trying to see where he was. Finally I spotted him. It seemed he was telling all his friends where I was. The earlier singing, while I was in the tent, was the whole group. This time it was a solo performance, none of the others made a peep!

I have always been impressed by "God's Dog" and very pleased to have had this experience.
I glanced away and he was gone.

The local birds were not nearly as cooperative posing for photos!

I had no trouble with flowers!

Evening sunlight appears.

Time to fire up "Bubble Butt".
What's not to like about a backpacking stove you douse with gas then toss a match!!

Yes, "Bubble Butt". My friend Pete bought a new one after this one almost turned itself inside out during a mishap. Evidently Pete didn't get the filler cap screwed on quite tight enough and it turned into a blazing fireball! The internal pressure got so great it pushed the bottom into a convex shape, hence, "Bubble Butt". It could no longer sit flat but instead had a roly poly condition. I mentioned to Pete I thought I could fix "Bubble Butt"; at least give it a try. He gave him to me, I got him home, made a wooden vice to hold him inverted and then patiently tapped, tapped, tapped with a wooden mallet and returned his bottom from convex to concave. The perimeter seam held, no leaks developed and "Bubble Butt" sat flat once again.

He is a joy to have and that roaring Seva "purr" means hot water is on the way.

Tomorrow. Back to the Mothership


  1. Ron, the images are so beautiful. I especially love the 'God's Dog'. I have three 'back bred (for 6 generations) German Shepherd dogs, and they are so near to the Coyote that I can hear the howls in your pics.
    Just LOVE the images.
    Robin (Fenlander (UK))

  2. Congrats on the "bubble-ectomy" of your stove. Awesome scenery. Yes, it's a special feeling to meet a wild animal. A coyote accidentally trotted to within a few yards of me once (the wind was right). We both looked startled and then he was off - in that light-footed nonchalant way they have.