Friday, October 23, 2009

Travelogue: Part Five, McGee Pass and beyond.

From my notes:
(*Bubble Butt is my SEVA gas stove. More about Bubble Butt later.)

9:30 AM. Heading for McGee Pass, Big McGee Lake left behind.

Amazing! One step at a time works!

Many switchbacks, the broken shale tinkling like glass.

McGee Pass! 12,200 ft. 1:15 PM. 2.17 miles from Big McGee Lake. It took me three hours and forty five minutes to achieve 1,700 feet of UP!!!

But it is worth it. Fish Creek and the Silver Divide!

Down the west side of McGee Pass I decided to call it a day and find a campsite.

A cup of Orange Spice tea and a pot of lentil soup is just the ticket. I use my stocking cap as a pot cozy!

Tomorrow. Cotton Lake.

This in yesterday's paper.

Here's a link and short account.

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  1. That first reflection shot is glorious! I'm so glad you take the time and effort to really be able to share the experience with us non-hikers.