Sunday, October 18, 2009

Travelogue: Part One, Mono Lake

Leaving Foggy Fort Bragg August 31, 2009. My "Cowack" on top of the "Mothership". Not only am I planning on backpacking in the High Sierra I am also prepared to do some kayaking.

After crossing the Central Valley, spending a night near Nevada City camping in the National Forest, driving past Lake Tahoe and down onto the eastern slope of the Sierra I arrive at Mono Lake; fires in the Sierra cause strange evening lighting.

The morning of September 2nd I paddle out onto Mono Lake.

I'm told there is a Osprey nest on one of the tufa.

And by golly, there is. I arrive just as the adult pair return, one carrying a fish!

A Ranger told me their young have already fledged and flown south. The adults will migrate soon.

Returning to the "Mothership".

Mono Lake is a "dead sea". There are no fish in the lake. The Osprey commute to June Lake and other fresh water lakes in the mountains for their food!

Hiking with my backpack to help get acclimatized to the altitude and prepare for my upcoming seven day backpacking trip into the High Sierra. This photo was taken part way up one of the volcanic cinder cones south of Mono Lake (barely visible in the distance haze).

Next up.... June Lake and then a training hike to Hilton Lake.


  1. Gorgeous! I love the one of the kayak in the sunrise and the last one of the Opsrey on the tufa. Cool!

  2. I really hope you've got a high res version of that first pic of the cowyak on Mono. That's an awesome pic!!! Can I do a print for you of it?

    Big Guy

  3. Always so interesting to see where you have travelled !!

  4. Very sweet kayaking there, Ron. Glad you had a chance to get out on the water.

  5. You're back!!! Life is good, again. Awesome sunrise bouncing off the kayak. All together beautiful.