Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Walking to Aurora

One of those soft misty mornings.

Aurora Avenue.  I knew it as Highway 99.

The nursery at Home Depot caught my eye.

And then the backside of some of the shops along Aurora.

I could spend hours shooting stuff around here but

time to head back to Margaret.


  1. Hello, very nice page. Good 1 May. I salute you, Michael

  2. So what's with "Aurora"? That word is a mouthful that I always stumble over --- "a-rrrrorrrr-ah". There's a town by that name south of Portland. Where's your Aurora?

  3. The final shot is a lovely wrap!

    Jabberwocky meme -- your word below is irtsmse & I suppose it has to do with things that bother you....