Thursday, April 9, 2009

Walking and Gawking in the Rain

Main Street in the morning.

Peeking in the window at

Tangents which always has strange and interesting stuff.

Speaking of strange....

the Green Door Studio always has very thought provoking artwork.

I see the former Foot Lighters is transforming itself into possibly the Foo Fighters!  Actually, the former Foot Lighters now houses our Local Public Television, MCET.

And this just in.......

Good question!

Well, first off, I Googled Victor, New York to get an idea of where you are coming from.  I see you are pretty much accustomed to small towns, either the Village of Victor (population 2,433) or the Town of Victor (population 9,977).  So, you won't be too surprised if I tell you you pretty much have to travel to Santa Rosa (about a two and a half hour drive on curvy roads) to get to a Bed Bath and Beyond!!

For high-end European linen there is the Golden Goose in the "Village" of Mendocino.

Or you could try our local Longs or Rite Aid drug stores or maybe do mail order from our local Sears store.  All part of the charm of small town living!!


  1. That is great that people from NY are moving here. What a change in climate.
    I usually shop online for sheets etc. But Ukiah one and a half hours drive, also has a Walmart and other big stores.We do have a Rite Aid and Longs.

  2. You and your puddles. I LOVE the reflections.

  3. What about the old small-town "we can order it for you" approach? That's what we ran into when we first moved to Prescott, tho the town was quite a bit bigger and we already had a Kmart. Our problem at the time was office supplies.

  4. J.D. Redhouse and Trillium/Cat's Meow in Willits (just under an hour's drive from Ft. Bragg) have sheets and towels. There's a JC Penney in Ukiah with plenty more.