Monday, April 6, 2009

100 Strangers

One of the blogs I follow, D.C. Confidentialintroduced me to something called One Hundred Strangers.  I looked it up:

"Welcome to One Hundred Strangers.   100 Strangers is a Flickr group dedicated to taking street portraits.   Created by Teppo the group is a photo challenge to take 100 portraits of total strangers."

Reading further I see they have "tips" on how to go about it.  Later in the day I was walking down Franklin Street and saw a couple on a tandem bike ride past.  They stopped at the Post Office.  Well, hey!  They could be my first "One Hundred Strangers".

Using one of the tips I walked up, introduced myself, gave them one of my walkingfortbragg cards and asked if I could take their photo.  No problem!

and here is the best part about One Hundred Strangers, because I was encouraged to step outside myself I learned they are from Cashmere, Washington and they are riding to San Diego!  They have a website and they gave me their card!

They asked if there was a bicycle repair shop in town; they had burned out a rear brake coming down the Leggett curves!  I directed them to Mark's Fort Bragg Cyclery.

I "lifted" this photo from their ongoing travelogue website.

Bill & Nancy Schettenhelm.  He is 70 and she is 66!  More power to them!!

"This picture is #01 in my 100 strangers project. Find out more about the project and see pictures taken by other photographers at"


  1. One Hundred Strangers looks very cool, Ron. Hope to see more. I may work up enough chutzpah to try this myself.



  2. That is just totally wonderful. They look like neat folks and good for you! Loved this post, Ron.