Tuesday, April 7, 2009

50 percent

The weatherman is talking about a fifty percent chance of rain.  During my walk this morning I took this photo of what fifty percent looks like!

Sandwich assembly at Down Home Foods.  I didn't ask her name so I can't add her to my One Hundred Strangers list.

And Happy Birthday to Evelyn!!  She walks every weekday morning.  She told me she is now eighty years young and attributes her vim and vigor to her daily three mile walks!!

Go Evelyn!!


  1. 50% is close to a sure thing up here in the AZ mountains. Even 30% is close, tho forget anything under 30%.

  2. Evelyn looks GREAT!! Good inspiration. (I wear myself out in the garden and then don't walk. Need to walk FIRST.)

  3. I don't know. Looks more like 60/40 to me! :)