Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fifty Percent.

The 50 percent rain side of the forecast won.  And here it is!

Quite a few of the alleys in Fort Bragg have been resurfaced but I would say around fifty percent still need attention!

I blogged this before and I just photographed it again.  I still don't know the reason for this step in the curb.  It seems obvious to me that there was something different than this house at this location once upon a time but I have yet to meet anyone who knows what it was.  Definitely, an oddity.  It is located on the East side of McPherson Street about mid block between Redwood Avenue and Alder Street.  In fact, there is another step in the curb just south of this one but there was a car parked in front of it.  Any thoughts?

This is looking west out the center of Cypress Street.  The guard shack with the draw bar remains from the big days of Redwood timber and only allowed access for workers and the log trucks coming in from the surrounding forests via the A&W haul road.   Now it sorts out the folks working on the mill site abatement and redevelopment from the rest of us.  But, one of these days!!


  1. We had the 50% rain forecast for today; thus far, it's still quite sunny out, tho the temp has dropped.

  2. Hello Ron,
    Great photos as always!
    Since these curbs were installed many many years ago, cars and carriages were much higher off the ground at that time. People would just get out and step onto the regular high curb.
    Maybe "handicapped steps" were way ahead of their time in Fort Bragg,
    does anybody else have any other ideas?
    Keep on Blogging.
    Faithful reader.

  3. re: the step. I'm wondering if that's the "back in the day" equivalent to the modern day dip in the curb to allow for a driveway. Perhaps when people walked to visit their neighbors and they were approaching from across the street, they were greeted with steps to the entrance to the property. Anyway, that's my best guess. :)