Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The big divide.

You may have noticed in this blog I don't take photos of people.  I find it awkward to ask permission because it screws up the "moment" but I would feel like a voyeur if I didn't.  So I don't shoot people.

But, there's usually a group of young people hanging out in the alley between Headlands Coffee House and V'cantos.  They are a colorful lot and full of youthful angst.  Very photogenic.  But my older age (probably ancient to them) and my internal "judgemental attitude" makes for a big divide.

This time I finally couldn't resist.

I ask the girl with the laptop if it was okay to take their picture.

She asked, "Why?"

"Well, because I want to."

Thinking that sounded lame I said, "I have a blog called Walking Fort Bragg and gave her "my card".

She nodded assent.

Feeling more "legit" I backed off and took this photo.

There are a lot of colorful people in this town and it is hard for me to overcome my judgmental attitude and ask permission for a photograph but...,

I'm working on it.


  1. Good work Ron. I feel a little more legit about asking permission but I have to overcome my natural reluctance and that doesn't happen too often.

  2. It's a toughie. I avoid shooting people too, just seems like more trouble than it s worth a lot of the time. But still, there are moments....

  3. Hi. I'm the girl with the laptop. Now that I see the blog, I'm honored to be in it. Thanks for asking, too!

  4. Hi Anonymous!

    Thanks for letting me. It was a baby step in a good direction.