Friday, November 21, 2008

Items of Interest

This is the current location of Caltrans, behind City Hall, while they wait for their new facility to be completed north of town.

I see there is new construction going on behind the Hospitality House.  Additional facilities, hopefully.

I read in yesterday's Fort Bragg Advocate an item in the "Glance at the Past" Section which stated:

"72 YEARS AGO --Nov. 17, 1936
P.A.Stenburg is building a new home on his ranch on Sherwood Road and expects to move shortly.  The home now occupied by Mr. Stenberg at the corner of Laurel and McPherson streets will be taken by John Schlosser and family.

I hot-footed it over to the corner of McPherson and Laurel and am now wondering which house they are talking about.  This one or the one above which was built in 1894.  Both names, Stenburg and Schlosser are still prominent in Fort Bragg.  Maybe I will find out!

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