Saturday, November 8, 2008

Further afield

Ten years ago I helped restore the "lantern" of this, the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse.  I documented the process via a web page.  For a time the Lighthouse Organization hosted that page but after a few years took it down.  I have restored that web page and now host it myself.  I needed a photo of what the lighthouse looks like now days so yesterday I drove to the site, parked and did the one mile round trip walk to get this photo (my walking connection!).

Returning to my car I noticed a lot of Grass Spider webs with dew on them along the path and used the macro feature on my camera to get this shot!

What a nice walk.

My restored webpage about the restoration.


  1. Oh, those glittering beads of dew are great!

    A while back I heard that someone vandalized the fresnel lens at Point Arena with a diamond ring, so they don't give tours up to it anymore.

  2. The second snap was just amazing.....

  3. Stunning lighthouse shot! Point Cabrillo is one of my all-time favorite spots to shoot photos of.

  4. That is such a charming little lighthouse.

  5. Great dew drops! And I agree that your first shot of the Lighthouse is a beaut. :-)