Monday, November 10, 2008

Noyo Harbor Fire

Sunday afternoon on the Noyo Flats playing Petanque when one of the players noticed smoke, then someone hollered, "A boat is on fire!"  I grabbed my camera.

I'd say, there's something on fire!!

Everyone started hollering, "Get back, she's gonna blow!" I climbed the dirt bank to the east.

The Coast Guard, directly across the harbor from the fire, cast off and maneuvered closer to the burning boat, two men on the stern starting the portable pump.

The Fort Bragg Fire Department arrived, police, ambulance (not needed) and lots of spectators.

Soon it was all over except the mess.

Your camera.  Don't leave home without it!!


  1. Oh dear. Did you find out how that started? Great pictures! And yes, never leave home without the lens. Forget the Visa take the camera!

  2. I have no idea how the fire started. The boat is used for tours, whale watching, birding, etc. but I don't know if it had been used Sunday. I didn't see anyone jumping around and hollering when I got there. I think the boat was just tied up and un-attended.

    I'm sure Thursday's local paper will have the information.

  3. Ron,

    Amazing serendipity! The Advocate News should pay you for one of your pictures. Ooops, sorry. PAY someone? Never mind.


  4. Wow, Ron! Be a photographer, carry your camera. It's the law. That's a great series of photojournalism. The paper might want those.

  5. Well done ol' Bro. You captured the moment well. Having all three things come together at the same time is difficult (the event, being there and having your camera). "Good Job"!

    # 2

  6. Great editorial work! I would be snapping a few, too :)

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