Monday, November 17, 2008

My camera

Various people have asked me what camera I use.

Here it is!

Why the photo of the one gallon can "butt kit"?  Because the cost of my camera is about the same as two full butt kits!

I smoked for years and it was finally the cost of the filthy habit, the actual amount of money going up in smoke year after year, that finally caused me to want to quit.

I am so happy I finally did and I am so sorry for those who are still addicted.

I see butt kits around town outside various public places, churches and stores.  This one was outside the side door of the Methodist Church.  They have an outreach program for those in need and it seems a lot of the needy need cigarettes.

Among others.


  1. Wow! Beautiful camera. Ugly butts.

  2. I'm sometimes tempted to buy a more professional looking camera. I know they are much lighter than the 35mm equivalent. But I eventually became so annoyed with carting my 35mm on trips that I stopped altogether. Now that I can carry my camera in a case on my belt I'm reluctant to go to anything bigger. I'm still tempted though.

  3. OK, sorry to be blonde. But what exactly is a butt kit??

  4. I wondered if I should have expanded on that.

    Butt Kit is Navy Speak for ash tray. Probably still is.

    Ash trays were something even cars had before they became coin repositories and the cigarette lighter beside them became power points!!

  5. Ron, maybe cameras are like our brains. Most of us only use a small fraction (10% say some) of our mental capacity. I'd say, you're getting the most out of your camera. Bravo! (can't speak for the gray matter)

  6. Hey thanks for the info on the camera. I will probably be shopping for one soon. I'll definitly be looking at one of these.