Monday, November 3, 2008

No Whinners and Snivelers Here

This was a morning where I woke at my regular, "wake up and go" walking time and then noticed I could hear rain falling.  Immediately a mental argument started, should I go walking or should I just roll over and pull up the covers?  Three minutes into the argument I finally gave myself a hard mental dope-slap, "Stop Equivocating!" and got up.  I tip-toed out of our bedroom with my pile of walking clothes and got dressed.  I put on my rain jacket but then opted for my full length rain coat.  Finally, feeling like I had made some sort of big heroic decision, I step out into the rain only to discover the usual early morning Fort Bragg walkers were already out and hoofing right along!!

There goes Vern with his cane, umbrella and his twenty year old London Fog rain coat.

Here comes Evelyn into the home stretch along Howard Street.

There goes Elias.
Not a snivelers among them, except me!

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