Sunday, March 25, 2007

Street Graffiti

Many times, as I head out for my early morning walk, I wonder what will catch my eye. Sometimes nothing does and I think I am going to be skunked. This morning was like that until towards the very end when I was walking towards home on Franklin Street and happened upon these marks.
I know the northern half of Franklin is going to be repaved like the southern half was last year. The North/South demarcation is Oak Street.
These marks are Art to me but I know they indicate a lot of planning and searching and they generate concern in shop owners.

1 comment:

  1. If these never got paved over would someone in the future consider them art?
    Do you ever wonder if some of the ancient pictographs are really graffiti instead of evidence of old time religion?
    Then there is Independence Rock National Historical Monument which is a monument to the graffiti of travelers on the Oregon Trail and has signs telling present day visitors not to leave graffiti.