Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Okay. Okay. So that wasn’t a spaceship full of Fence-Eaters.
Actually the sewer system is being upgraded. I checked yesterday and discovered the “Spaceship” was going to be buried at 2:00 PM so I made a point of being there for the occasion.
I learned that in the process of digging the hole an old, wire wrapped, wooden water main was intercepted. The backhoe operator thought it dated back to 1870 but if you go check this 1890 photo you can see Laurel Street coming to an end and Harrison didn’t exist. The “Spaceship” was being buried two and a half blocks even further east of Harrison between Cory and Harold!

Unfortunately the piece of wooden pipe was smashed but you can see the wood and wire wrapping.

This morning there was only mute evidence of the burial of the Alien Spaceship!

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