Friday, March 16, 2007

Bread Run

I did a quick walk to Safeway this morning. I needed a loaf of bread. Turns out it is 1.92 miles round trip and I averaged 3.4 mph (according to my GPS).

Along the way I noticed this Neon sign inside the “Tip Top Lounge”. Boonville is a small town 48 miles southeast of Fort Bragg and it is nice to see Anderson Valley Brewing Company has their own Neon sign. There are probably a couple million Budweiser neon signs in existence but I bet there are not a lot of neon "Boonville Beer" signs out there.

Here is a photo I took last August of the Tip Top Lounge.

On my way back from Safeway I spotted this. The store sells carpeting and lamps. I haven’t the foggiest what this is all about but, I had to take a picture!

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