Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gates are coming

When it gets lighter out I plan to start documenting gates and fences. There are quite a variety around Fort Bragg.

For instance. This gate is in front of a house hidden behind high shrubbery towards the southern end of Harold Street where Harold Street necks down to a narrow one way street.

I think the property preceded Harold Street and the original property owners would not allow an easement for Harold Street to continue past them the same width as it is from Chestnut, all the 9 blocks to Cotton Auditorium. Anyone know?

Here’s another neon sign, at the corner of Harold and Oak, that needed to be added to my Neon Sign collection.


  1. Looking forward to your fences & gates posts. I like the gate photo is this post!

  2. Another sign series idea... how about a Sacks Signs series? Rick Sacks is an artist in signmakers clothes, his are the special handmade signs you notice around town ... Cheshire Books, Fort Bragg Cyclery, Nits, Cowlick's to name a few.

    Also we have a new neon sign at Cowlick's.