Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Standing around

My visit to Seattle has devolved into sloth and bloat. I have walked way too little and eaten way too much. My routine is all screwed up. I’m like this little bird. Why fly when I can stand on one foot, keep warm and watch the world go by.

I guess I could blame the rain but it doesn’t really rain ALL the time in Seattle.

I could blame overeating. Christmas Dinner, Christmas Lunch, New Years dinner, New Years lunch, parties, brunches, lunches, pancakes and eggs but hey, we have a lot of relatives and friends in Seattle.

I could blame lack of will power but that’s rather harsh. No! It must be “Hibernation”. After all, it is the season. Should I go for a walk or curl up in a warm “overstuffed” lounger and read a book? Duh!

Am I a bad person? NO! I’m just doing what comes naturally!!

But the days are getting longer. Vacation is getting shorter. I will re-awaken. Soon I will be striding the streets of Fort Bragg and feeling great! Once again.

1 comment:

  1. I hear yer, mate. I too have fallen victim to Christmas sloth and hardly walked for yonks.