Monday, January 22, 2007

North McPherson Street

I got a question. What were these two “steps” for? They are set into the curb between the street and the sidewalk. I have not seen any other steps like these around town. Just these two and both on the same block (East side of McPherson, half way between Redwood Ave. and Alder St.). Whatever they were for, those building are long gone and have been replace by a couple of houses. Any ideas?

On the same block (at the north end) there are TWO horse and buggy tie down rings. Not one as I had originally thought. Both located in the handicap zone so both are painted blue!
I walked out the popular Ten Mile Haul Road walking trail this morning to the Virgin Creek bridge and back. 4.25 mile round trip from our house. I see they are re-doing or adding some pipes beside the Virgin Creek bridge.

I spotted these folks enjoying the ocean and the spectacular weather we have had lately even though it is in the 30s when I start walking at 7:00 AM.


  1. I wonder about those curb steps too! They don't seem like they would help people who are stepping our of vehicles or unloading cargo, but maybe I am missing some. Finding the horse and buggy rings is exciting!

  2. They look like they belonged to 19th century shops to me but don't quote me on that.