Friday, January 19, 2007

Mixed Bag

Voila! The map is back! I stopped by the new "Mendocino Coast Photographer Guild and Gallery" in the southeast corner of the Company Store and asked about the possibility of putting it back up and, bingo! There she be! At least for now. The new Guild and Gallery may have the right to use that wall as part of their display area but, for now, the map is back. Stop by the new gallery and check out their excellent photos, then thank them for leaving the map up.
While attending to the Map business I happened upon these ladies in front of Town Hall (southwest corner of West Laurel and Main). I like a town where people are willing to stand up and protest about things they don’t like.
Returning home I saw that Understuff, (between Redwood and Laurel, east side of Franklin), is having a 25% off sale. Looked more like 100% to me but what do I know!
During this morning walk, (out Oak Street almost to Jewett St, north side), I saw my first cluster of blooming Narcissus. Yippee!!Heading south on Dana I discovered a group of trucks and men working. I had seen them various places around town but this was the first time I stopped and asked what they were doing. Turns out they are re-lining the storm drains. When I got home I Googled them.

And finally…..
An old timer told me the reason there are so many Robins around is because the Italian women are no longer offering twenty-five cents apiece for them. According to him they used to make Robin Breast Polenta! Could this be true?

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