Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Cats and Dogs

I hit the road at 6:30 this morning. What a difference half an hour makes. At 7:00 there is a hint of sunrise but at 6:30 forget it. But the up side was, there is hardly any traffic, just the Tuesday garbage collection trucks scurrying around and the news paper deliver guys.
I was figuring on just a walk for the exercise but a couple of items caught my attention. First this anti-cat bumpersticker. I wonder if cats or cat lovers are trying to peel this bumper sticker off.
And then I spotted this anti-dog-poop sign. Or maybe they don’t like three legged dogs. Anyway, for some reason today seems to be an animal theme day. Even Suzanne who writes the CatronCountyWalk blog was on a cat and eagle roll today!


  1. hahah!! a smart observatin I must say. They seem to be against dogs or pooping in general.LOL!!

  2. Finally! The gods of the internets are allowing me to comment on your blog!

    And now that I've finally gotten through, I have nothing mindblowing to say, except I'm glad you're back, and keep up the good work, and the three-legged dog bit had us all in stitches here at the Catron County Sanctuary for Mangy Stray Cats Run By Ignorant Yokels Who Don't Understand That Cats Should Only Be Allowed to Live in Giant Cat Enclosures Like at the Zoo.

  3. Well hey! Welcome Suzanne! I'm glad you can make comments on this blog. And I'm glad you are back and kicking. That was a long christmess break to took!