Tuesday, January 16, 2007


A friend called and said my blog was mentioned in the “Friends of the Fort Bragg Library Inc. Winter 2006” newsletter. I ran up the street to the temporary library and grabbed a copy. Hmmm. Sure enough, on page five under “Interesting Links” I read:

Walking Fort Bragg is a fascinating blog by local resident Ron Bloomquist. He’s taken to the streets with thoughtful reflections on life in Fort Bragg, past and present. You may have the answers to some of his questions or a comment on his observations… square telephone poles? how many avenues? where can you hitch your horse?

“The pictures are fabulous. The writing succinct and what the heck—it’s in the neighborhood.”

Oh my, this came out when my blog is just barely lurching along. “Fabulous pictures”. “Thoughtful reflections”. E-gad!

Maybe this is just the “Dope Slap” I need to break through my lethargy. After all, spring is coming. The sap will be back! Stay tuned!

FYI The Fort Bragg Library is being temporarily housed in the Veterans Memorial building across the street, Laurel street, while the actual Library is undergoing a complete remodel. The Grand Reopening should be sometime in June of 2007.

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