Monday, July 20, 2009

So. What's new around town?

I see the shopping experience is in full swing.

The new trees in the latest downtown redeveloped areas are in place and look nice.

They finally refurbished this wonderful old sign. Even the clock works!

I had never noticed an intermittent snail or slug trail before. I wonder if this guy had the hiccups?

This fence blocks the view of the Pacific Ocean for over one half mile right through Fort Bragg!
I say...., "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall."!!

The new bakery on Franklin Street is coming right along. The brick ovens are built, the front is repainted. I'm gettin' excited!

Here's a --> SmugMug slide show <-- of my recent Yolla Bolly backpacking trip.
Click "Slide show" in the upper right to get full screen. The controls for faster or slower are upper left. Hit Esc to return to regular size.

Enjoy. I sure did!!


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to put the slideshow on and adding comments. Not to mention going there and braving it alone. It looks like an unspoiled paradise!! I have heard about the Yolla Bolly but now I have seen some of it. Excellent.
    Fort Bragg

  2. A slug with the hiccups! Now there's a concept. :)

  3. I often see intermittent snail / slug trails but haven't yet worked out how they manage it. Maybe there's a breed of hopping snail nobody has photographed yet.

  4. Hiya Ron. The Old Coast Hotel sign is a beauty. And your backpacking slideshow is fantastic - I really enjoyed watching that. Thanks,

  5. Wow. Great slide show of your backpacking adventure. So many beautiful pictures; I was living it vicariously through you. I'm tempted to try and ID many of the wildflowers you saw using my wildflowers book. I don't know why we human love naming things, but we do.

  6. Hi Ron,
    Wonderful photographs - they convey an atmosphere we rarely find in the UK.
    I just bet you REALLY enjoyed that trip.

  7. I really enjoyed the slide show. Bruce and I hiked there about 30 years ago. It was tough! We met one couple, hippies planning to live off the land. We thought, oh yes, a lot of wild onions!