Thursday, July 2, 2009

Back to the Marine Layer!

Early morning. Looking west down Laurel Street. The city Streetscape project is winding down. Not a whole lot left to do but the markings.

The layout is... laid out!

I think the new blue curb goes nicely with Andrea Luna's paint scheme.

And some folks are ready for the 4th.

There is nothing like a small town barbershop and we have one. With a real barber pole!

The new Aqua center is now in landscaping mode. The Grand Opening getting closer all the time.

I spotted this on a car. All I can say is... "Good Luck"!

Here is something I was going to post a while back but time slipped away. It is a Google Map of the Skunk Train switchbacks near Willits. They are impressive on the map and I am pleased to say Roger and I walked them.

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