Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I was able to look down from the Highway One bridge upon this Osprey looking down on the Noyo Harbor estuary for breakfast.

For those of you hunting for space for your business I photographed this morning what's available on Franklin Street in the one block between Redwood Ave and Laurel Street.

Like they say, "Find a need and fill it".


  1. Great photo of the Osprey sat at the end of the dead branch.

  2. Hi Ron, nothing to do with this blog and your fine osprey photo, but I've published some thoughts on your hiccuping snail trail at

  3. Are you by any chance commenting on the current state of the economy in Ft. Bragg?

  4. Yeah, Granny, things are a bit sparce but we are hanging in!

  5. Hi Ron,
    Just so someone doesn't get their hopes up about the building on the corner of Redwood and N Franklin... Someday - when the economy recovers I guess - it will be demolished and replaced with a beautiful building for retail shops. I saw the owner's presentation to the City Council, and the design is modeled after the old Main St bank in Mendocino, now Out of this World.