Monday, July 27, 2009

So how foggy was it?

Well..., it was so foggy it misted my glasses during my walk this morning but I'm not complaining. The weather man is predicting 104 for Ukiah and Willits today and 107 for Covalo! Fort Bragg? The mid 50's!!

I got to noticing color themes this morning.

I wonder if anyone planned these schemes or if it is just happy happenstance.

Meanwhile my study of the hiccuping snail continues......

I caught this one in the s-l-o-w process of crossing it's former path.

Getting my nose close to the scene I can see how it "putt-putts" along in a stately manner and how each spot takes a few minutes to dry into a shiny slime dot but why the intermittent spacing? I may have to ask Phil at Beyond the Human Eye.


  1. Snails & slime trails......
    They have soft moist bodies. Its hard for them to travel over rough ground and they put down a layer of slime that comes out of a gland in front of the snails body. As the snail goes forward its body slides along the slime layer. Some of it gets left behind, and when it drys its what you see.
    Congrats on the 600th blog Ron!

  2. Love the foggy glasses and the color schemes. My slugs leave the same "dotted line".

  3. You have a good eye for quirk Ron! I love all your posts on colour and your description of that snail "hiccuping" made me laugh.