Saturday, July 18, 2009

I'm back from the Yolla Bolly!!

What an incredible area and only 117 miles from Fort Bragg.

Some people get excited doing peaks. I am happy making it over passes!!

I just finished a seven day, solo, backpacking trip in a Northern California National Wilderness and the only people I saw during my entire trek was mid morning of the last day....

They were thirty thousand feet above me going somewhere fast!

I am now unwinding and putting together a slide show.


  1. So glad you made it! You definitely look happy in those photos.

  2. Jeeze -- all I can say is a big, loud WOW!

  3. Looks and sounds a great place to be. Beautiful photographs, especially the first one - very much in the vein of Colin Fletcher (The Man Who Walked Through Time). Looking forward to the slide show.

    Fenlander (UK)

  4. Nice!! Isn't it wonderful to be out in nature and find such beauty and solitude. What a great escape!Good for you.
    Happy Trails

  5. Welcome back from the Yolla Bolly.